‘There’s no point in holding on to something and pulling it out like chewing gum.’ - Anindita A few years later he got a ticket to Balipara. The career progressed quickly. - www.bdone24.com

‘There’s no point in holding on to something and pulling it out like chewing gum.’ – Anindita A few years later he got a ticket to Balipara. The career progressed quickly.

Kolkata: Coincidentally, he has become an actor. The innings started with the small screen. Then pictures, web. A few years later he got a ticket to Balipara. The career progressed quickly. However, the ups and downs of personal life were not less. ‘Underworld’ brought Anindita Basu to the limelight. His web series ‘Mafia’ has been released recently. Anindita shared her story with News18Bangla about acting, different mediums, current relationships.

Q. He has done a lot of work between ‘Boo Kotha Ko’ and ‘Mafia’. How did you change yourself completely?

It changes a lot with age. I was only 23 years old when I did ‘Boo Kotha Koo’. It’s been 11 years. No training has been taken before. I learned to work with a pen in hand. Things change in the cine world every few days. If you don’t change yourself, you will fall behind. And when it comes to the quota of 30, girls become a lot.

Q. What happened while working in Mumbai?

I came to work in Mumbai 3 years ago. I have already said that I have not learned acting anywhere. I never did theater. Coming here I realized, I don’t know much. I auditioned a lot for 2-3 years. Rejected. There is a different flavor of work in Mumbai, it took a while to catch up. 11 years of work experience, then what I learned in Mumbai, all in all, I have grown a lot.

Q. Of course you became a good actress, but you drew. Maybe he didn’t want to be an actor at all. Is that so?

That’s true. I came to Kolkata to be a production designer. I also designed a production for a channel for a few months. But there was something else written in the destiny.

Q: Why did you suddenly audition for a character?

The head of the channel asked her to audition for ‘Boo Kotha Koo’. I am an expatriate Bengali. I grew up in Mumbai. At that time Bengali pronunciation was not clear. Such a person was needed for the character, whose Bengali is not clear. That’s how I got my first job. That is why the character of the expatriate Bengali is also in ‘Beyond the Song’. The opportunity to work with Ritudar after the first series does not mean to miss out. Then I offered to take pictures. Good work kept coming, and I eventually became an actor.

Q: You and Katrina Kaif have a lot in common. Both of them have won the hearts of the audience by playing the role of expatriates.

(Laughs) That’s pretty much said. The comparison is good.

Q: Why did you agree to the ‘mafia’?

‘Mafia’ is a psychological thriller. I have never done such a thing before. The screenplay was very good. Other than that this is my first bilingual work. I worked with Birsadar after many days. A long time ago, I played a small character in his film ‘Jani Dekha Hai’. It felt very good to work again.

Q. You are completely different in ‘Underworld’. Small character, but a lot of its predominance. Did I have any hesitation in doing such a sex symbol or brave character?

Absolutely not. With so much in mind, you can’t work. I thought I could portray this character appropriately. I did so. If I thought I couldn’t, or I would feel bad about Strin, I wouldn’t.

Q. Was this character tough?

Such a character is very subtle. If a little more or less, it becomes very bad. But the screenplay was very good. It was so beautifully written in all the details. I didn’t have to do anything.

Q. Television, pictures, web are all working in a sublime way. Different things come to mind according to the medium when choosing a screenplay?

No. Not so. I don’t think I will do pictures or web. I want to work equally through each. When I was doing television, I loved to do that too. Got so much love. It was as if I had become the daughter of everyone’s house. An incident came to mind.

Q. Tell me what happened?

I was then pregnant in ‘Boo Kotha Koo’. One day I went to a bookstore. Two women came and said a lot. As he was leaving, he said, “You have to be a little careful this time.” The incident is funny. But think once, how much people become one with the character of the series.

Q: Well, the scope of television is much larger. I will ask a question in a clich. Love is doing quite well, when are you getting married?

Still not quite ready for marriage. The day I think it’s time, I’ll do it. There are no plans at the moment.

Q. Sourav is no longer your problem for long distance?

That’s what I like about Saurabh. He stands by me in all situations. I stay in Mumbai occasionally for months on end. He supports it very much. He came to Mumbai in a hurry to surprise me. This is a time for both of them to build their careers. I am already in love.

Q. Recently your ex-husband worked for a brand with pride. Surely there is no bitterness?

If you don’t forget the past, it is not possible to move forward. Forgetting and forgiving are both necessary. I will definitely do it if I get a chance to work with pride. There is no point in holding on to something and pulling it out like chewing gum. Gaurav and I both understand that. The best part is, Saurabh and Gaurav are great friends. There is no discomfort.

Q. There is so much talk about your marriage, personal life, doesn’t it feel bad?

No, it doesn’t really matter. I know what kind of profession I’m going to talk about in my life. If everything hurts, it is not possible to stay in this profession. People must talk. And he is not lying. You are discussing what happened.

Q. Has the tension in your personal life ever affected your work?

Didn’t make an impact. Because I have been able to forget my personal wounds since I was immersed in acting. Rather I have been able to become a better actor for the problems of life.

Q. Much like ‘Rockstar’, being hit can make you a great artist.

(Laughter) A lot can be understood when hurt. Depth increases.

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