The story of giving time to a loved one -

The story of giving time to a loved one

Sajjad and Aparna in Pressure Cooker’s play. Photo: Collected

You don’t have to give time to your loved ones due to work pressure. People have realized this in the lockdown of the Corona epidemic. During Eid-ul-Fitr, seven directors made a short film called ‘The Story of the Siege’. The sequel of those films is coming on Eid-ul-Azha. They can be seen on satellite channels and OTT platforms under different names.

The seven episodes of the second season of “The Story of the Siege” are 20 minutes long. The producer of the series said that CoronaCal has made it clear that the chemistry of human relationships with family or outsiders has changed. Relationships have been strengthened during the long siege. Don’t teach them how important it is to spend time with loved ones. They have made seven short films with seven producers to highlight the issue.

In the second season, Chayanika Chowdhury has made ‘Raudrachaya’ with Sarika and Mushfiqur Farhan. The shooting of Gautam Kairi’s ‘Coronal’ with Yash Rohan and Nadia Mim has ended. Safayet Mansoor has created ‘Pressure Cooker’ with Aparna and Irfan Sajjad. Abu Hayat Mahmud is doing ‘Buffer Zone’ with Musharraf Karim and Jasmine duo, Mabrur Rashid will do ‘Responsibility’ with Toya and Shaon duo. Mahmudur Rahman will do ’14 Days’ with Afran Nisho and Nabila, Raunak Hasan will do ‘Don’t be angry with Tonatuni’ with Mithila. Raunak himself will be opposite Mithila in this.

Actor Raunak Hasan has returned to directing after a long hiatus. He has done one day shooting of the movie ‘Don’t be angry with Tonatuni’. He has plans to take some work forward today. “I want to do acting all the time,” he said. This film is a special work of Eid, that’s why I’m doing it. Apart from that, work is being done with Mithila after four-five years. ‘ The story of such a family is ‘Buffer Zone’. I will finish the work by shooting day and night on July 27. ‘

According to the producer, the series will be aired on Dipta TV every night from the first day to the seventh day of Eid at 10:40 pm. It will also be on the YouTube channel of Eid G series.

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