In Jhenaidah, the dream of thousands of young people came to an end after the deception of the terrible Adam Dalal Tito. -

In Jhenaidah, the dream of thousands of young people came to an end after the deception of the terrible Adam Dalal Tito.

Staff Reporter, Jhenaidah

A economic mobility of the family, a little smile, a happy face, the assurance of a little comfort. Eliminate the burden of unemployment. The people of Bangladesh dream of migrating to fulfill the hopes that have just come.

Taking advantage of this weakness, a man named Tito from Jhenaidah has swindled hundreds of crores of rupees. Many lives have been lost in the sea to go to the waters of Malaysia after falling into the clutches of his deception. Today, about 20/25 families of Ramchandrapur, Garamara, Tetulbaria, Miyakundu villages of Sarad upazila of Jhenaidah have lost their loved ones and are speechless.

Many do not want to believe that her husband will not come back, the parents are waiting for the way, her child will come back. They have repeatedly protested to the local administration of Jhenaidah.

But it didn’t have any cool edges. The expansion of this Tito network extends from Jhenaidah to Dhaka to Teknaf. Then in different countries of the world.

He took money from many people by showing greed to send them abroad, but he sent one or two of them and started twisting the noses of the rest. When the car returns the money and the car does not return the money. In this way he has built a house and a mountain of wealth. His house is in Chakla Para of Jhenaidah city, in his own village including Dhaka.

He drove around Jhenaidah in an expensive car. Many live with him. His powerful network includes many influential people, including journalists. Due to which the helpless people have nothing to do but cry. The name of this Tito has come up in the media discussions many times. But for some unknown reason he remained out of reach.

Tito’s full name is Shahinur Rahman Tito. He is the son of Yusuf of Kumrabaria village in Kumrabaria union of Jhenaidah Sadar upazila. Abdur Rahim of Dhopabila village in Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila has returned to life after falling into the clutches of Tito.

It is known from him the irony of the miserable life. Which shakes people with a stone heart. Babul Akhtar, son of late Habibur Rahman of Hamirhati village in Harinakund upazila of Jhenaidah district, said that in 2011 he paid Rs.

To this day he has not been able to send me abroad and has not returned my dues. In this regard, UP Sadar Abdul Hakim of Chandpur Union and former chairman of Kumrabaria Union Haider Ali had arbitrated several times but he did not return the money.

Another victim, Hafizul, son of Ishaq Ali of Garamara village in Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila, said that the human trafficker Tito would take my younger brother Sajedur to Malaysia and give him a good job, paying Rs 50,000 in the first installment and Rs 100,000 in the second installment. Then on 19/02/2012 I gave him 60 thousand rupees for ticket booking. In this way I gave him a total of 2 lakh 30 rupees. But he did not send my brother abroad.

The return of this money has been negotiated in many villages but to no avail. Abdul Aziz, son of late Abdul Mannan of Bakulia village in Kaliganj upazila, said that he paid Rs 50,000 in cash to send my son to Malaysia on the basis of his relationship with him as he was an expatriate.

Then if you want money, on 14/12/2011 I paid two lakh rupees through UCB Bank and later on 19/02/2012 I paid a total of 2 lakh 60 thousand rupees including 30 thousand rupees. However, he has not sent my son abroad till today and has not returned the money. There has been no benefit even after many rounds of arbitration.

Mostafizur Rahman, son of Rat Abdur Rahman, who lives on Abul Hossain Road in Jhenaidah, said that 8 years ago, when Tito promised to send me to Iraq, he first paid Rs 50,000 and in the next installment, I paid a total of Rs 150,000 including Rs 100,000 from UCB Bank. .

To this day, he has not sent me to Iraq and has not returned the money I received. He later threatened to kill me in various ways if I wanted to return the money. Abdur Razzak of Jhargram said that Tito had taken Rs 6 lakh from him in the name of sending him abroad.

All the five victims have lodged a complaint in the name of human trafficker Tito at Jhenaidah police station on Thursday, July 23. In this regard, Shahinur Rahman called Tito on his mobile number 01749-694977 on August 8 at 9:30 am and he denied sending people abroad saying that he did not know anything about it.

I’m asleep now, I’ll hang up the phone later. Jhenaidah Sadar Police Station Investigating Officer SI Mohammad Abdul Haque admitted receiving five complaints against T Tore, saying T Tore was a high-profile Adam businessman.

My own cousin is not paying Rs 5 lakh for taking him abroad. Jhenaidah Sadar Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mizanur Rahman said, “We try to take immediate action against such allegations.”

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