The Office of the Civil Surgeon is involved in the cycle of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare -

The Office of the Civil Surgeon is involved in the cycle of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Jhenaidah embezzled lakhs of rupees in the name of a fake NGO

Staff Reporter, Jhenaidah

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is looting money in the name of fake NGOs. In Jhenaidah, hundreds of such fake NGOs have been accused of embezzling millions of rupees from the government.

A circle of Jhenaidah Civil Surgeon’s Office and Family Planning Department is sharing the money with the owners of all the NGOs. Such news has been leaked in Jhenaidah. Anwarul Islam Badshah and Md. More than 50 people, including Shahjahan Ali, withdrew the grant money in the name of their reputed organization with fake and forged documents.

However, Habibur Rahman, CCT (Cold Chain Technician) of the District Health Department and a clique of the Civil Surgeon’s Office have acted as the gurus of this drama. Fake projects, paperwork, applications, everything they do.

Meanwhile, District Civil Surgeon Dr Selina Begum took the health protection materials including PPE and masks by calling the fake NGOs. According to the investigation, in Jhenaidah, grants were given in favor of 54 NGOs from the Health Services Department and 52 from the Family Welfare Department.

The companies have received checks from the district accounting office on different dates in June. A source in charge of the district accounting office, said the civil surgeon. Selina Begum 53 and Deputy Director of Family Welfare. Zahid Hossain has approved fake bill vouchers of 52 NGOs.

Of these, the same NGO has received grants from both the departments. The leader of a political party has twice raised money in the name of the same organization with fake documents. Baul Samiti has received a grant of Tk 50,000 from the health service department. On June 11, NGO owner Badshah received a check from the district accounting department as the general secretary of the association.

On June 9, he received a check for Rs 50,000 with the seal of the director of Save Jhenaidah and a change of address with the fake seal of the general secretary of the same name (Save) and signed a check for Rs 50,000.

On June 26, he raised Rs 50,000 from the health education and family welfare department. On the issue, Anwarul Islam Badsha said, he contacted the ministry for the first time and got the allotment. Asked what he did with the money, he said the civil surgeon wanted some items. I will buy them for five thousand rupees. Shahjahan Ali, owner of the Social Development Program NGO, has received a grant of Tk 75,000 from the Department of Health Education and Family Welfare in the name of the NGO.

He said that he has done health work with the allotted money. According to the investigation, Shahjahan’s manager Ashish Moulik alone signed the bill vouchers of 11 NGOs from the district family welfare department on June 24.

Shahajan Ali said he is the president of the Federation of NGOs in Bangladesh (FNB). Money is spent to bring allocation from the ministry. There is Al Mamun General Hospital in Sahajan on Golam Mostafa Road in the city. Although it is a clinic, he has taken a grant of Tk 50,000 in the name of the NGO.

Civil Surgeon Dr. Selina Begum said there are some good NGOs in the district. However, most of the grant-aided NGOs are nominal. NGOs do not do any work with the allocated money.

That is why he argued that health protection materials including PPE and masks were sought. Dr Zahid Ahmed, deputy director of the district family planning department, said they received the paper for a counter sign. But not everyone is fake. Some NGOs work well.

He admits that most of the names are everything. According to the investigation, only 20% of the commission or 30% of the check received in the name of the NGO has to be counted in the hands of the syndicate members.

You have to make an agreement with them to make the allocation including paperwork. The higher the commission allocation, the bigger the amount. Habib admits that there is an NGO named Asiya Khatun, wife of Habibur Rahman, CCT (Cold Chain Technician) of District Health Department, the guru of these two work dramas.

The NGO called Srotadhara Samaj Kalyan Sangstha also received a grant of Tk 75,000 in the last financial year. However, there is no NGO office with that name on Shaheed Mashiur Rahman Road in the district town. There are many fake orphanages, women’s associations, NGOs which have no office, no signboard, no staff.

But every year the organizations are getting regular grants from the two departments of the Ministry of Health. On the condition of anonymity, the executive directors of several NGOs said that if the commission trade in the Ministry of Health is not stopped, the grant of the NGO in absentia will not be stopped.

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